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Loan Amounts:            $2,000,000 - $75,000,000

Term / Am:                 10 year term with 25 year amortization

Loan Types:               10 year fixed rate loans for property acquisition and refinance 

Loan to Value (LTV):    70 percent maximum for purchase or refinance (no cash out) maximum if cash out refinance unless being used to enhance value of property.

Recourse:                     Full recourse for this particular program, non recourse loans may be available at different rate, terms and conditions and may have yield maintenance prepayment penalties, this particular program have different prepayment penalty scenarios are dependent upon the specific project.

Pre-qualification:      Completion of our loan submission form, once reviewed and there is interest the documentation below  will be requested.

Commitment Letter: Within 7-14 days of receipt of complete loan package.

Funding:    30 to 45 days from Commitment Letter.


-        Good credit and cash flow. DSCR: 1.3 minimum.

-        Established properties only. No turnarounds, startups or construction.

-        Value based on lower of purchase price or appraisal, if purchase.

-        Borrower must be experienced or hire recognized hotel management             company.


-          Last 3 years property tax returns.

-          Year-to-date financial statements.

-          Current credit bureau with FICO on Borrowers.

-          Executive Summary from latest appraisal.

-          Current Personal Financial Statements for Borrowers.

-          Latest personal tax returns from Borrowers.

-          Digital photos of property, or web site with photos.

-          Last 3 years occupancy annual reports.

-          Year to date occupancy monthly reports.

-          Amount of loan request.

-          Detailed use of funds.

In case you cannot provide this information we do have HARD MONEY also for hotel  construction also INTERNATIONALLY.

Non-flagged hotels and motels are still considered a large component in the hospitality industry, but generally at a different competitive level. With our industry knowledge and expertise we feel we are more capable of understanding the non-flagged world of hotels and motels vs. other lending alternatives. Our valuation assumptions are based on facts that are relative to the property in question. Sources of revenue for non-flagged hotels and motels may include food and beverage areas, conference rooms, banquet rooms and daily room rentals. Room revenue may also include weekly or monthly rentals that are typically not allowed in flagged hotels. This semi-permanent style of occupancy may be considered undesirable to some, but we recognize that certain properties compete at different levels. Again, the economics of supply and demand dictate the value. 

We offer financing to build hotel/motel/resorts nationally and internationally.