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Agricultural programs

  • Hobby & Part Time Farming program

    • $200,000 minimum loan

    • Refi to 85% of appraised value

    • Minimum 15% down on Purchase

    • There is no limit on number of acres but the house must be worth at least 25% or more of the total appraised value

    • Primary residence or second home only

    • Standard residential mortgage documents and credit underwriting criteria used

    • Credit Scores over 660  


  • Rural Home Loan.

    • $200,000 minimum loan.

    • Minimum 3% down on purchase

    • Refi to 90% of appraised value

    • There is no limit on number of acres but the house must be worth at least 50% or more of the loan amount

    • Primary residence only

    • Standard residential mortgage documents and credit underwriting criteria used

    • Credit Scores over 660

  • Full-Time Farm & Ranch Program  we specialize in real estate loans to the agricultural community including commercial farms, ranches, horse operations, vineyards and ag facilities. We are your connection to the best terms and underwriting in the country. We know how to present you and your operation in the best light and where place your loan better than anyone. We have been doing it for 20 years.

    • Highly competitive rates with minimal fees

    • Personalized and experienced loan processing. We know how to maximize your borrowing potential

    • First lien on real estate

    • $200,000 minimum loan

    • Loans to 85% of the value of collateral

    • No prepayment penalty

    • Loans over $1,000,000 qualify for customized rates and terms

    • No maximum acreage limitations

    • Good credit required - 660

    • 3-5 years tax returns to document history of adequate income

    • Requires total debt /total assets ratio no more than 60%


  • Farm Service Agency Guaranteed LoanWe are your source for FSA guaranteed farm loans. We participate with FSA on the guaranteed loan program by funding loans up to $852,000 for commercial farms and ranches. Our investors are Preferred FSA Lenders, which means they have greater authority in underwriting and approving FSA loans. We loan on real estate under both the Beginning Farmer program and the larger FSA guaranteed loans.

    FSA loans are designed for borrowers who cannot qualify for private sector loans. However, because the USDA guarantees up to 90% of the loan for the investor, interest rates cannot exceed the average rate which the investor charges its regular customers, thereby insuring beginning farmers and other borrowers their interest rate will be fair and competitive. We loan only on real estate; no operating, equipment, or livestock loans.

    We offer joint lender programs in which we combine investor loans with FSA guaranteed loans to offer combined loans up to 90% of the property value and maximize loan amounts for beginning farmers to as much as $400,000.

    The FSA guaranteed loans provide a source for borrowers who cannot qualify for conventional farm financing.

    • Minimum credit score is 625
    • Loans up to 90% of appraised value with compensating strengths
    • Beginning Farmer loans with terms up to 25 years and 4% interest
    • FSA guaranteed loans to $852,000
    • Up to $250,000 on Down Payment Farm Ownership loans
    • No prepayment penalty
    • Combination first and second mortgages for higher total loan to value
    • US Citizens only
    • Minimum loan $200,000
    • Loans are coordinated with local FSA office for expedited application procedures
    • Joint Financing Plans to allow for beginning farmers to borrow up to $400,000
    • FSA loan guarantee fee of 1 percent of guaranteed portion of loan
    • FarmerMac/FSA combination loans up to $1,600,000 at 85% of total property value
  • Raw Land,

    he rural land site loan is designed for people who wish to finance an unimproved property on which they intend to build a primary or second home within the next 10 years. Limited agricultural activity can occur on the property, but no intensive farming or confined animal facilities are permitted. Loan proceeds can be for any purpose including construction of a house on the property.

    • Up to 85% LTV for rural land site acreages, generally 10 to 160 acres

    • Minimum credit score of 620

    • Borrower will state an intent to build a single family personal residence on property within 10 years

    • Full doc-income must be verified from pay stubs and/or tax returns

    • Loan amounts from $100,000 to $2 mil

    • Cash out for any purpose up to $100,000

    • Unlimited cash out to improve the property

    • 10 year fixed rate with 10 year amortization, or 5 or 10 year balloons amortized over thirty

    • No prepayment penalty

    • Agricultural or rural residential zoning preferred; other zoning with UW exception

    • No real estate development projects allowed

    • Purchase or refi allowed

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Even if you do not see your situation described above, give us a call as we specialize in innovative and creative lending solutions for the non-conforming customer for unusual properties. 

On Commercial properties a MAI Appraisal and a Phase I Environmental Assessment report are required.  Other reports may be required on a selective basis.

All loan programs, terms and rates are subject to change without notice. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Loan qualifications and rates are dependent on the borrower’s credit score financial history, appraisal and other reports. 

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