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 Long term financing for Christian 

Churches, Temples, Worship Centers, etc

No Personal guarantees – No Pre-Pay Penalties

$150,000 to 5 million – up top 75% Loan to Value, Fixed rate – 20 year term, a commercial and residential brokerage, arranges all types of religion related real estate financing. We can help in financing requirements for a church building purchase, refinancing expansion, an addition, remodeling, a church camp, a classroom, a new school, a retreat etc.

  • Construction loans for church projects

  • Church day care center financing

  • Financing for church schools

  • Church equipment & furnishings

  • Church financing in all 50 States

The amount to be financed  cannot exceed three and a half (3.5) the Churches' 2005 fiscal years gross "Plate Income or 75% of the appraised value, which ever is lower of the two.

Plate income consists of the total of tithes, offerings, building fund and general donations etc. Note: Church's 2005 expenses which exceed fiscal 2005 plate income (negative cash flow) may not be eligible

  • A minimum 2005 "plate income" of $75,000 and at least 75 attendees are required to qualify for the minimum amount of $ 150,000 and in addition financing will not exceed 75% of the current appraised value of the completed church, including any planned remodeling, construction additions etc.

  • Net Income (last fiscal year) from an affiliated now operation day care canter, kinder garden, church school, church senior centers etc. can be included along with the last fiscal years gross plate income to qualify

  • The lender requires three year of tax returns and a current year to date profit and loss in generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) format, prepared by an independed CPA, prior to issuing a proposal

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