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Who we are and WHAT WE DO

 Our resources and expertise in the mortgage industry enable us to offer you a wide variety of unique financing options. With many different programs and lenders available, we will find the mortgage that best fits your needs*. We are committed to you, our customers; as such we can often pre-approval you within a day. And most important: WE DO WHAT WE SAY WE SAY WHAT WE DO. We have mortgages at wholesale pricing. We offer competitive interest rates and closing costs. Your mortgage loan pre-approval and our advice is free. After we have submitted to you, in writing, what we can do for you; you can still decide not to continue, ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATIONS. We will send you a Good Faith Estimate within 72 hours of your submitted full application. 

Our number 1 priority is to take the time to listen to your needs and desires. We advertise on the internet but are not solely an internet based company. We believe in personal contact.  We respect your time and like to work fast. That is why we use faxes, e-mails and overnight mail to streamline the entire process. As such, allowing you to spend your precious time on more pleasurable endeavors.